Welcome to my revamped web site.  At one time, I enjoyed a passion for photography.  The previous generation of this site detailed my background, who I studied under, and my philosophy.   When I moved to Texas I switched hosting companies and lost my fancy web site.  I don't shoot much any more, but I still enjoy the process of capturing the image. I learned photography using film, and was taught to make the image in the camera.  How to work with a light meter and a color meter to get the image. But above all, regardless of circumstances, get the image. The challenge, and the creative fun, was to improvise and create something.  To see something others may not have seen.   Most of what you see is as it came out of the camera.  Some of these images were made with film, and even now shooting digital I seldom manipulate images other then to covert to B&W.   I spent many hours working on a B&W conversion process that would provide the feel and tone of film.  This site will be a work in progress.  I have put up a few of my images, and will add more and change the site as time permits.  Please click on the menu options and browse around, and feel free to contact me with any questions.